During your detox you are instructed to avoid many common allergens and foods that are high in carbohydrates. We do this for several reasons; to lower blood sugar, inflammation, and to help your hormones come into balance so that you may burn more fat and release more toxins.

We know that you are likely missing bread and other carb products, and would like to reintroduce them back into your diet. Believe me, I feel your pain and the desire to have a sandwich. Wheat, gluten and carbs are one of the biggest problems in the standard American diet, and if you add them in with regularity, you will end up right where you were before you enrolled in a Medela Program. That is why we recommend avoiding them all together. If you refer to your ABCDand F food list, grains and carbs are in the “special treat” and “never eat” sections because they have such a negative effect on your blood sugars and health.

But blood sugar spikes aren’t the only problem that wheat and gluten and excess carbs make worse. Autoimmunity, and hormone imbalances are also seen when people eat gluten. There are also chemicals in bleached flour that actually kill the cells in the pancreas that make insulin, which makes it more likely for you to develop diabetes.

You have done too much work to begin to reverse your metabolic problems, and we ask that you do largely avoid corn, rice and wheat so you may continue to enjoy an improvement in your health and life. Avoiding breads and pastas and other grains is one of the very easiest ways to continue to enjoy weight loss, increased energy and lower inflammation.